It’s Easy to Convert to Solar Power

April 20, 2013 Posted by admin

The call to live an environmentally-conscious life isn’t always easy. It can take an immense amount of dedication, research, financial investment and the ability to stand up to peer pressure and give up on the easy alternatives that everyone is used to. However, those who stick to their guns usually find that the quality of their life improves in proportion to the changes they make.

There are some things that have a positive impact on the environment that are actually easy to accomplish. This includes calling up solar installers in … Read the rest

Diabetes On the Rise

May 21, 2012 Posted by admin

Looking around it’s hard to deny that obesity continues to be a major health issue here in the US. With fast food chains located on every corner and easy-to-prepare, processed foods being the meals of choice for many Americans it’s hard to believe that it will change anytime in the near future. It’s hard when you are juggling work, kids, extra-curriculars, and daily life to find time to exercise much less sit down to a home-cooked, healthy meal every night. However, an article in USAToday reports that new research shows … Read the rest

The Fat Tire

December 15, 2011 Posted by admin

They call it the middle-aged spread.  It’s also known as the fat tire, that extra band of body that starts to take over the center of people as they start to get older.  To some degree, of course, the whole thing is entirely natural.  The perfect washboard stomach is absolutely ubiquitous in every corner of the visual culture these days, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it’s anything but perfect.  It’s not only very difficult to maintain, but it can also suggest an unhealthy lifestyle, where the … Read the rest

12 Reasons Why Everyone Should Go Into Healthcare

November 28, 2011 Posted by admin

Working in the health care industry is one of the most exciting and rewarding career choices a person can make. There are all types of jobs related to the health care industry and there are even more reasons to want to work in this field. From higher salaries, more career options and job stability, so many individuals are finding that careers in the health care are right for them.

When selecting a career, it’s important to consider more than just money. Finding a career where you will be satisfied for … Read the rest

Flossing: How it Can Benefit More than your Teeth

November 28, 2011 Posted by admin

We’ve all heard it: for healthy teeth and gums you must brush twice a day and floss. While most people have no problem with the brushing part, not a lot of people bother with the flossing. We either forget or think that it’s not that important. After all, if we brush our teeth twice a day, that should be good enough, right? Unfortunately, no. Flossing is an important and integral part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Without flossing food can stay lodge in between teeth for days, eventually … Read the rest

The Health Benefits of Seafood

November 18, 2011 Posted by admin

Countless people everyday make the pivotal decision to eat healthier. This decision can change a person’s life for the better. Unfortunately many individuals who undertake this good plan neglect to research a vital and often overlooked food group. Seafood is composed of many types and varieties of food types. Seafood, unlike many other varieties of food is by and large universally lauded by medical experts. Other types of food such as meats and even eggs have a mixed reception. The benefits of seafood have long been recognized and established. Any … Read the rest

Community Supported Agriculture Improves Weight Loss

October 28, 2011 Posted by admin

      Obesity and Diabetes in children is increasing, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This increase in weight has inspired many parents to find healthy produce alternatives. One alternative that is gaining interest in the diabetes-prone Southwest, is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). CSAs are similar to farmer’s markets. Farmer’s markets sell their harvested produce to the general public; CSAs do the same, but they ask consumers to commit to weekly, monthly, or annual membership terms, similar to a Cosco or a Sam’s Club. A CSA membership assists … Read the rest

5 Ways To Achieve a Happier Life

September 24, 2011 Posted by admin

For many people, happiness seems to be an intermittent and elusive state of mind. It is an emotion that has become difficult to acquire and sustain in our busy and fast-paced modern world. Studies have shown that people are generally happier on the weekends. However, what does this really say about the rest of the week? After all, we spend the majority of our weekdays at work – does this mean we waste all that time being miserable?

There are numerous stressors and a barrage of psychological factors that prevent … Read the rest

Before and After – 40lb Weight Loss

May 26, 2011 Posted by admin

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Respiratory Therapy Jobs are Out There

May 18, 2011 Posted by admin

Everyone knows that health care is an expanding industry that is experiencing a scarcity of qualified professionals to fill existing posts. Many health related careers are expected to continue to grow in demand over the next five to ten years, offering tremendous opportunities for anyone who is interested in the healing arts. Those who aren’t cut out to be doctors or nurses can find jobs as respiratory therapists , physical therapists, or other technical roles.

Respiratory therapy is a popular choice for those who feel called to healing professions. This … Read the rest