It’s Easy to Convert to Solar Power

April 20, 2013 Posted by admin

The call to live an environmentally-conscious life isn’t always easy. It can take an immense amount of dedication, research, financial investment and the ability to stand up to peer pressure and give up on the easy alternatives that everyone is used to. However, those who stick to their guns usually find that the quality of their life improves in proportion to the changes they make.

There are some things that have a positive impact on the environment that are actually easy to accomplish. This includes calling up solar installers in California and converting an existing home to solar power. It may sound like a huge task, but it’s really not.

After the initial research into available systems, the state’s tax rebate program, and to identify the local solar installers with a reputation for quality work and reliability, most of the homeowner’s work is done. The installers do the mechanical and physical labor to convert the home from traditional soruces of electricity. Then all the homeowner has to do is sign the checks and fill out the rebate paperwork once the system is installed. All that’s left to do at that point is to collect the free electricity and wait for the rebate to clear.

Michael Hills is an expert in home repair and maintenance, esp. regarding upgrading to energy-saving features that protect the environment.  He regularly writes about topics like Virginia Beach Heating and Cooling for a number of home repair blogs.

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Diabetes On the Rise

May 21, 2012 Posted by admin

Looking around it’s hard to deny that obesity continues to be a major health issue here in the US. With fast food chains located on every corner and easy-to-prepare, processed foods being the meals of choice for many Americans it’s hard to believe that it will change anytime in the near future. It’s hard when you are juggling work, kids, extra-curriculars, and daily life to find time to exercise much less sit down to a home-cooked, healthy meal every night. However, an article in USAToday reports that new research shows that not only is diabetes on the rise but also risk factors for heart disease, and it’s not only affecting adults but teens and adolescents are at increased risk as well.

Type 2 diabetes isn’t caused by just one thing. Often there are several contributing factors, with weight being a major one. While it is possible to treat and manage diabetes with diet, exercise, and insulin there are long-term complications such as heart attacks, kidney failure, blindness, poor circulation, and possible amputation.

No matter how old or young you are it’s never too late to start caring about your health. Just like a body builder will take amino acids to help build muscle, putting healthy food into your body and participating in physical activity will help you feel better and decrease your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other health complications down the road. Even the “Queen of Southern Cuisine”, Paula Deen, has learned how to modify her life and live to fullest with diabetes.

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The Fat Tire

December 15, 2011 Posted by admin

They call it the middle-aged spread.  It’s also known as the fat tire, that extra band of body that starts to take over the center of people as they start to get older.  To some degree, of course, the whole thing is entirely natural.  The perfect washboard stomach is absolutely ubiquitous in every corner of the visual culture these days, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it’s anything but perfect.  It’s not only very difficult to maintain, but it can also suggest an unhealthy lifestyle, where the workout becomes more important than enjoying the flow of time.  People tend to focus on the belly over anything else, and whatever benefits might come from a healthy core are completely lost when the rest of the body is ignored.


Even more than that, however, is the idea that a body needs to be low enough in fat for these muscles to show.  It’s true that no one wants to have their stomach mistaken for the wheels for a car, and it’s also true that the beer belly is a sign of someone who may have decided to just give up on their appearance.  Attitudes of defeat are certainly not healthy for anyone.  But at the same time, a positive attitude that leads to devoting one’s time to six-pack abs is not conducive to a long life, either.  People do need fat to live, after all, and the level of fat, less than 10%, necessary for the magazine quality stomach means that the body is not functioning the way it should.

That might come as good news to those who lament that they are starting to look like they’re carrying hankook tires at the waist.  Although this can be a sign that it’s time to start getting in shape again, it doesn’t mean that anyone needs to go crazy.  Low-impact workouts like yoga are not only more gentle on the physical form, they also have a way of evening out the anxiety that comes from needing to shed a few pounds.  And yoga practitioners do seem to understand that a belly is supposed to be a little soft, not rock hard.  Any workout should be approached as a process, something that one does as an ongoing commitment to the survival and well-being of the physical mechanism.  Eventually, the excess pounds will go away, and it’s much more enjoyable to learn how to workout in a reasonable way than to try to become something that no one should have to live up to.



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12 Reasons Why Everyone Should Go Into Healthcare

November 28, 2011 Posted by admin

Working in the health care industry is one of the most exciting and rewarding career choices a person can make. There are all types of jobs related to the health care industry and there are even more reasons to want to work in this field. From higher salaries, more career options and job stability, so many individuals are finding that careers in the health care are right for them.

When selecting a career, it’s important to consider more than just money. Finding a career where you will be satisfied for the long-term is crucially important. You will want to find something that helps you develop your talents and interests. For many, health care allows them the flexibility they need while providing a secure, rewarding career. Here are just a few of the many reasons people enjoy work in the health care industry:

1. Job security. In today’s economic climate and times of skyrocketing unemployment, it’s important to pick a field that will be around for years to come. Health care jobs will always be around because people will always need care when they are sick or hurt. In fact, while many industries are suffering the health care sector is seeing growth.

2. There are positions for every talent. Whether you are interested in being a doctor or nurse or if you have some other talent such as business administration or marketing, you will find open positions in nearly every city.

3. Make a positive impact. How many people can say they love the work they do? Rather than line someone else’s pocketbook day after day selling products that matter little to society, those in the health care industry can say that they touch lives and make a difference.

4. There are jobs for every education level. Regardless of how educated you may be, there are careers available to you and constantly room to grow.

5. These jobs are challenging. Each day will be different in health care. Changes in the industry require that employees stay ahead of the curve.

6. Competitive wages. The earning potential for workers in the health care industry is extremely high because these jobs are in high demand.
7. Earn respect. Those that work in the health care industry are some of the most respected professionals in the world.

8. Work with a diverse group of people. Because there are so many professionals in the health care industry, you are much more likely to meet unique and interesting people. Additionally, these people are also likely to find value in helping others.

9. Health care is a broad field. There are many subsets of health care each with their own career needs. For example, you do not just have to work in a hospital. There are rehab facilities, counseling offices and much more.

10. Benefits. In addition to competitive wages, those in the health care industry often experience other benefits such as fantastic health insurance coverage.

11. Flexibility. Because health needs occur every day of the year, 24 hours each day, there are opportunities for flexible work scheduling depending on where you choose to work.

12. Room for growth. Because the health care industry itself is constantly expanding, there are plenty of opportunities for those with experience, such as those who earned a health care degree online, to move up and do new things.

As you can see, the health care industry is perfect for many individuals. Whether you are exploring your first career or interested in making the transition into health care, you can see that the benefits are great. Regardless of your current talents or skills, there are plenty of ways to obtain the education needed for a rewarding career in this vibrant industry. Are you interested in a health care career?

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Flossing: How it Can Benefit More than your Teeth

November 28, 2011 Posted by admin

We’ve all heard it: for healthy teeth and gums you must brush twice a day and floss. While most people have no problem with the brushing part, not a lot of people bother with the flossing. We either forget or think that it’s not that important. After all, if we brush our teeth twice a day, that should be good enough, right? Unfortunately, no. Flossing is an important and integral part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Without flossing food can stay lodge in between teeth for days, eventually causing cavities and tooth decay. This, of course, can lead to expensive trips to the dentist. But tooth decay is not the only reason to floss on a regular basis. There are other health benefits that come from regular flossing.

Avoid gum disease

You don’t have to be enrolled in dental assistant school to know that when you don’t floss regularly, you aren’t giving your teeth a good cleaning. Brushing can take care of the surface of your teeth, but what about those in between and hard to reach places? Food can gather and stay there, creating a build up of tarter that in turn can spread bacteria. This bacteria can cause infection in your gums, leading to gum disease. With gum disease your gums can become swollen, painful and bleed and your teeth can become loose. It can be expensive and time consuming to deal with, requiring regular visits with a specialist.

Don’t get sick

If you are a diabetic, or have immune issues, it’s especially important that you floss and keep your teeth and gums healthy. Gums and teeth can get infected when you don’t floss regularly, and this could lead to bigger health issues for those with diabetes or immune disease. A small infection in your mouth could lead to a bigger infection elsewhere. And even if it doesn’t, people with diabetes and immune disease take a longer time to heal from infection.

Stay heart healthy

There have been medical studies conducted that have shown there is a link between flossing and heart disease. The American Academy of Periodontology says that those who suffer from periodontal (gum) disease are “Almost twice as likely to have coronary artery disease.” The connection between the two is quite simple: gum disease is caused by bacteria in the mouth. This bacteria doesn’t always stay in the mouth, though. It can travel throughout the body causing inflammation in other areas, including your arteries. And it’s not just heart issues that you have to worry about. Gum disease can also increase your chances of having a stroke.

Lower stress levels

Having issues with your teeth and gums can be stressful. Not only do you have to worry about getting in to see a specialist and getting work done, but you also have to worry about other health issues that could arise and paying for the work you have to get done. All of this can add to a massive amount of stress, which isn’t good for your health. By flossing every day and keeping tooth decay and gum disease at bay, you’ll be saving yourself from unnecessary stress.

Flossing your teeth daily doesn’t take a lot of time or a lot of effort, yet most people can’t be bothered. But the benefits to flossing go beyond simply avoiding a cavity. You also avoid getting gum disease, which can lead to a slew of other issues. So take five minutes a night before you go to bed and make flossing part of your routine. You’ll teeth and gums will be healthier.

Do you floss regularly? If no, why not?


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The Health Benefits of Seafood

November 18, 2011 Posted by admin

Countless people everyday make the pivotal decision to eat healthier. This decision can change a person’s life for the better. Unfortunately many individuals who undertake this good plan neglect to research a vital and often overlooked food group. Seafood is composed of many types and varieties of food types. Seafood, unlike many other varieties of food is by and large universally lauded by medical experts. Other types of food such as meats and even eggs have a mixed reception. The benefits of seafood have long been recognized and established. Any individual wishing to seriously undertake a healthier diet must consider incorporating seafood into their diet. This brief article will discuss some of the many benefits and the few cautions to be considered when eating seafood.

The united response to seafood is due to its well researched benefits. The most lauded aspect of seafood, especially in our modern world, is its heart healthy benefits. Seafood is rich in Omega-3 acids. This variety of fatty acid has been shown to be great for heart health, unlike other forms of fat found in other foods. This variety of fat found in seafood helpful in lowering cholesterol levels. Fish and many varieties of shellfish, such as shrimp, contain this amazing fatty acid. Another great benefit found in seafood is that these same Omega -3 fatty acids have been found to be useful in the treatment of depression. Many patients have responded to Omege-3 when no other type of medication has worked.

Seafood also has the great benefit, if eaten at least twice a week, of helping decrease the symptoms of arthritis. This is done by lessening the inflammation that causes the pain for the patient. Seafood also has been shown to help lower the risk of getting cancer. The varieties of cancer that have been shown to be at a lower rate include such types as throat, lung and breast cancer. A great benefit pregnant mothers’ can pass along to their expected child is the higher likelihood of greater neural and proper development in the womb. If the child continue to eat seafood regularly after their birth they are less likely to develop asthma.

With all these benefits some risks are present when eating seafood either in certain manners or of certain varieties. Seafood is best eaten in a non fired condition. Frying seafood of any variety lessens the health benefits of the food. Pregnant individuals should be aware of certain varieties of long lived fish, such as tuna and lake trout that may contain high levels of mercury.

Seafood is not only healthy but delicious! If you want an experience like no other, Maine lobster can’t be beat!

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Community Supported Agriculture Improves Weight Loss

October 28, 2011 Posted by admin

      Obesity and Diabetes in children is increasing, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This increase in weight has inspired many parents to find healthy produce alternatives. One alternative that is gaining interest in the diabetes-prone Southwest, is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). CSAs are similar to farmer’s markets. Farmer’s markets sell their harvested produce to the general public; CSAs do the same, but they ask consumers to commit to weekly, monthly, or annual membership terms, similar to a Cosco or a Sam’s Club. A CSA membership assists parents to reduce weight gain in children. While membership clubs do offer organic produce, the selection is small. CSA’s food co-operatives stock the consumer with a variety of fresh organic produce each week. CSAs take pride in how their produce tastes to encourage more vegetable and fruit serving intake. Diets may control weight gain for a time, but CSAs increase weight loss by encouraging a family lifestyle change.
      CSAs stock the consumer with fresh organic produce. Traditional membership clubs stock their shelves for mass consumption. A bag of carrots is a good example. Not many families eat a bag of carrots in a week. CSAs arrange pick up days, where the consumer picks up a basket of a week’s worth of freshly-picked produce. Smaller quantities eliminate grocer waste and food rot. Legal information on grocer law can be found by contacting a Phoenix Arizona lawyer. CSA’s food baskets hold a variety of fruits and vegetables, enabling parents to feed their children the five servings recommended per day. Apples and carrots are good sources of nutrition. CSAs stock their baskets with traditional fruits and vegetables, such as apples and carrots, but they also offer Summer squash, Asparagus, and watermelon. Children will be delighted by the variety. CSAs stocks its baskets with fresh produce to encourage children to take a greater interest in what they eat.
    Part of the enjoyment of CSA is the experience of eating good-tasting food. CSAs offer food baskets that improve vegetable and fruit serving intake. Children, who dislike vegetables, will eat their vegetables and even request the same vegetables for the next meal, if the vegetables are fresh and not over cooked. CSAs do their best to provide vegetables that taste like vegetables, not pesticides. Many CSAs use organic pesticides to keep their vegetables tasting fresh and to protect the environment. Utah consumers who would like legal information on pesticides in the environment can contact a law firm in Salt Lake City . To avoid overcooking fresh vegetables consider investing in a Julia Child’s cookbook. Vegetables require less cooking time than is widely established. Part of what makes CSA’s vegetables taste good is the absence of canning. The produce is picked fresh daily, so that it can be cooked immediately. Children, who eat meals prepared from a CSA food basket, are more likely to lose weight and stay healthy, if they like the taste of what they eat.

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5 Ways To Achieve a Happier Life

September 24, 2011 Posted by admin

For many people, happiness seems to be an intermittent and elusive state of mind. It is an emotion that has become difficult to acquire and sustain in our busy and fast-paced modern world. Studies have shown that people are generally happier on the weekends. However, what does this really say about the rest of the week? After all, we spend the majority of our weekdays at work – does this mean we waste all that time being miserable?

There are numerous stressors and a barrage of psychological factors that prevent people from leading happier lives. Nevertheless, instead of hyper-focusing on what causes your unhappiness it would be more productive to understand and develop a set of skills, techniques, and approaches that would help improve your quality of life, and achieve a greater and more fulfilling sense of happiness. Metaphorically speaking, this is what is commonly referred to as looking at the glass half full, instead of half empty. Here are five tips that will help you lead a happier life.

1. It is important to spend quality time with family and friends.
Humans are naturally social and intimate creatures. We need contact, conversation, and meaningful relationships. Loneliness causes unhappiness and resentment. The main idea, however, is meaningful; just because you collect friends on Facebook does not mean your relationships are meaningful. Do not confuse quantity and quality.

2. Spend more of your leisure time outdoors.
Nature and the great outdoors have the power to clear and renew our minds and brighten our outlook. People have been talking about the spiritual and transcendental power of nature forever; hiking in the wilderness, breathing in the fresh air, and savoring the peace and quiet creates an inner harmony, and this, in turn, leads to a greater sense of happiness.

3. Exercising makes you happy.
This is a biological and chemical truth. There are so many reasons to exercise and stay fit, but seldom do you read about how a workout has the ability to make you happy. If happiness is a combination of a healthy mind and a healthy body, then exercise works to improve both.

4. Be involved in the arts and explore your hobbies.
Creativity yields a sense of personal accomplishment and self-worth. Write in a journal, paint, or build birdhouses; in other words, explore what you are good at. Hobbies are key components to achieving a sense of happiness.

5. Go on a vacation at least one a year.
This is the golden rule to achieving a happier life. Relax. Renew. Rejuvenate.

By trying to incorporate these things routines into your daily life, you may begin to feel happier. Many people also use things like hypnosis cds to feed positive thoughts into their subliminal minds.

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Before and After – 40lb Weight Loss

May 26, 2011 Posted by admin

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Respiratory Therapy Jobs are Out There

May 18, 2011 Posted by admin

Everyone knows that health care is an expanding industry that is experiencing a scarcity of qualified professionals to fill existing posts. Many health related careers are expected to continue to grow in demand over the next five to ten years, offering tremendous opportunities for anyone who is interested in the healing arts. Those who aren’t cut out to be doctors or nurses can find jobs as respiratory therapists , physical therapists, or other technical roles.

Respiratory therapy is a popular choice for those who feel called to healing professions. This career involves assisting physicians with cardio-pulmonary patients, basically those who are having trouble breathing properly and normally. It offers a more life and death environment than some other medical assistance positions, which give respiratory techs an immediate sense of purpose. However, anyone considering enrolling in respiratory therapy school needs to be ready for the responsibilities associated with this crucial position.

Jobs for respiratory therapists can be found in a variety of environments, each attracting its own personality types. While a majority of RTs end up in clinics and hospitals, there is a growing demand for them in skilled nursing facilities. rehabilitation facilities, or working in private physicians offices. Others are building careers in the expanding field of home health care. For those who don’t want to work directly with patients, there are jobs in pharmaceutical sales, RT instruction, and the manufacturing, sales, and repair of respiratory equipment.

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